Free Evie Parking at the 2024 Minnesota State Fair

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Free Dedicated Parking at University of Minnesota - Saint Paul Campus

Drive Evie to the Minnesota State Fair with ease this year. One-way trips are available from your home to the Saint Paul University of Minnesota Campus, Lot #104, located at 1854 Buford Ave N, 55104. Parking is free, as with all Evie trips. Find dedicated Evie Parking spaces in the Southeast corner of the lot (when you enter the lot, turn left), marked “Evie Parking Only.”

Enter the lot and scan the QR code located:

• In-app (Menu > Insurance Card)
Member Perks

This code will give you access to enter and leave Lot #104 without additional payment. If you’d prefer a paper copy, please feel free to print the QR code below. We’ll be placing QR codes in cars as well, but it’s always nice to have a backup.

There are a total of 10 available spaces. Our team will be out and about to remove extra vehicles, so if you arrive during a busy time and all 10 spaces are full, block in other Evies while keeping space for others to be able to leave in their personal vehicle. We’ll be out shortly to correct it. 


Promo Code:


Claim your free $10 Drive Credit, valid now through September 2, 2024. The last day to use the credit is September 2, 2024. Drive credit is automatically applied to Evie & HOURCAR trip costs once applied and cannot be transferred or applied towards taxes or other fees. 


Open the Evie Carshare App > Insurance Card > MN State Fair and use the QR code in the app to enter and leave Lot #104. You’ll need this to enter and exit the parking location. If you only use your GoTo Card and don’t use the app, you can use the code below or under My Perks

Sure! We’re all about bringing people together and making our community even closer. Claim your $10 Drive Credit now with code “2024MNStateFair10”, valid through September 2, 2024. Friends & family can always join for $1 and get $25 Drive Credit with your referral code, but you’ll need to allow up to 5 business days to process applications, so plan ahead.

Actively check the app and make sure there are not 10 or more cars there. If there are 10, block in the Evies in the corner without blocking in personally-owned vehicles.  Additional parking is available at the UMN Evie Parking Only spaces in Lot #175. If those spaces are full, not worries! All Evies are approved for neighborhood parking spaces west of Cleveland Ave, so find an on-street parking space within the Evie Home Area and enjoy the rest of your day at the Great Minnesota Get Together!

You’ll need to find a ride back home from Metro Transit or others, like Lyft/Uber/taxis.

We are actively monitoring the UMN MN State Fair location based on vehicles and trips per location. Our team is headed out as soon as we achieve 75% of space allocation to reduce vehicle stress in the area and make more parking spaces for you. Given the overall location, if the spaces are full, we encourage you to take advantage of our permit authorized spaces west of Cleveland in the neighborhood and on-campus dedicated spaces in lot #175.