Begin a trip with the app or GoTo Card. When you arrive to the car, do a quick inspection to make sure the inside and outside are good and clean, and double check the range to make sure you have enough for your trip. Drive where you need and end your trip in an approved parking space. Pay only for the time you have the car. 

General Info

Sign Up

All HOURCAR members are automatically an Evie member upon launch in early 2022. Join today at or sign up to receive our updates. 

Joining Evie is easy. Sign up with your mobile phone or computer and we’ll process your application within 1-3 days. Some states and countries don’t allow online verification, so if you’re an out-of-state driver, look for emails in case we need additional information. 

Priced Right

Evie trips are automatically billed by the minute, with a hourly and daily discount. This means you’ll never pay more than the hourly or daily rate (not including taxes).

Wondering which plan is right for you? Review which plan is right for you for both the Evie and HOURCAR services. 


Park for free at meters with a time limit of 2 hours or greater within the Home Area or any other approved on-street parallel parking spot, including permit-required areas and green EV Spot charging locations.

There are slight differences in parking rules between St Paul and Minneapolis, so dive into more info about parking here. 

Via App

Begin a Trip

Select the car and click the “Reserve” button. The car is reserved for 15 free minutes while you walk to it. Upon your arrival, start your trip. Once the car unlocks, hop in, press the brake pedal and press the start button. The app is your key – all Evie’s are keyless. Put the car in gear and you’re off! For additional help, find our Tips for Trips cards located in the drivers side door pocket. 

Perform a Stopover

Performing a Stopover is essential for almost any trip where you have to run an errand. Stopovers lock the car while you’re not in it. To start a Stopover, select the “Pause” button and wait for the doors to lock. To end a Stopover, click the “Resume” button to continue your trip.

End a Trip

Park in an approved spot and gather all of your belongings. Select the “End Trip” button and wait for the doors to lock. Once the car is secure, you’re good to go! If your trip doesn’t end, make sure you’re in the Home Area and follow the tips on the app. If that doesn’t fix the problem, give us a call. 

Via GoTo Card

Begin a Trip

Unlock your Evie by holding your GoTo card against the GoTo reader, located on the front window on the drivers side. The card may take up to 7 seconds as it reserves the car and unlocks it for you. Once it’s unlocked, hop in and enjoy the drive! Remember to review the Tips for Trips cards, located in the drivers side door pockets, for how-to help. 

Perform a Stopover

Tap your GoTo card on the reader. Once the doors lock and the reader shows a yellow light, the car is in Stopover mode. When you’re ready to resume your trip, tap your GoTo card on the reader again and wait for the car to unlock. 

End a Trip

Park in an approved spot and gather all of your belongings. Hold your GoTo card over the reader for up to 5 seconds. Once the car locks and the GoTo reader blinks green,  you know your trip has ended and the car is ready for the next member. 


Check the Range

Open the app and select your vehicle of choice. Upon selection, you will see the proposed range available.  If you don’t have the app, you can see the range available on the dashboard or by giving us a call. 

Aggressive driving and extreme cold temperatures can dramatically decrease this range. While driving regenerative driving can increase the range as power is restored back into the battery. 


Fossil fuels are so … old. All Evie’s are powered on electric energy. End your trip at any green EV Spot with the car plugged in and get a $4 Drive Credit towards your next trip within the next 60 days. 

If you’re out and about, use the Plugshare App to locate your closest charging station. Charging cards are located in the glovebox. 

Report Damage

Help us keep nice things nice. This means reporting poor condition or damage to us. This can be done on the app during your trip, by sending us an email, or giving us a call.

If you notice forgotten items, help a buddy out by letting us know so we can track down the owner. After all, nobody likes a missing mitten. 

Apply Drive Credit

Whether you found us at an event or did something awesome to deserve it, adding promotional credit to your account is easy. To add credit, go to App > Menu > Credits, or click here

Drive Credit is automatially applied to all trip costs, is valid for 60 days once applied, and cannot be used on taxes or fees. 

Refer a Friend

Being a trend-setter couldn’t be easier. Share your referral code on the app. Your friend will get $25 Drive Credit when they apply and you’ll get $25 Drive Credit once they take their first trip. Easy peasy! 

Evie for Business

Business done right – the Evie way! Encourage your team to take Metro Transit, walk or bike to work, and give them an Evie to run to meetings during the work day. Submit documentation and start inviting the whole team!

Go a step above and add a dedicated parking space.