Meet Grace: Evie Carshare Extroardinare


Grace H, a Chicago native, joined HOURCAR after graduating college in Saint Paul. While attending school, she lived car-free, relying on public transit, walking and biking. However, upon graduating, she identified mobility gaps preventing her from getting to certain parts of the metro. Grace learned about Evie and HOURCAR carshare services from a friend. After some quick research, Grace joined Evie and is excited to have another transportation tool at her disposal.   

“The service is super easy to use and driving electric vehicles aren’t nearly as intimidating as I initially thought” – Grace

Grace was surprised with how comfortable she felt driving the electric vehicles and at how quiet the cars were when driven. She also feels good knowing her Evie trips don’t pollute the air in her community and have zero carbon emissions. Evie also saves her money by allowing her to live car-free, saving time by helping her get places faster, such as work, health appointments, and soccer games in the suburbs. With Evie, Grace feels she has more ability to do the activities she wants, no matter where they are located. 

Grace is open for additional questions and share more about her electric carshare experiences.