Meet J.S.: Green Living Goal Digger

J. Singleton (EVIE) Blog image

J., a South Minneapolis resident, recently joined HOURCAR after her vehicle’s transmission died. Passionate about minimizing her carbon footprint, she embraces walking, biking, and public transit whenever possible. Instead of replacing her car, J. opted for carsharing to align with her green-living goals. 

“When my car died, I couldn’t think of a better way to bring me closer to my green-living goals than by ditching car ownership and giving car-sharing a try – and I am so glad that I did!” J. shares. 

She appreciates the convenience and flexibility of one-way trips with Evie, allowing her to combine different modes of transportation seamlessly. Whether it’s adjusting her commute due to weather or accommodating unexpected errands, Evie makes it easy. J. even enjoys the option of throwing her bike in the back of the car on the way to work, giving her the flexibility to enjoy a bike ride home later. 

“In the few short months that I have been a member, I have already saved hundreds of dollars on insurance and gas,” J. notes. 

As a bike-first transportation advocate, J. found carsharing to be the perfect solution when her personal vehicle’s transmission failed. She values the freedom from the hassles associated with car ownership and the environmental benefits of using Evie and HOURCAR. 

J. recounts a recent experience testifying at the State Legislature and appreciates Evie’s role in facilitating her busy schedule. “Having access to an Evie allowed me to park for free right near the entrance to the legislative building,” she recalls. This luxury, combined with the flexibility to use other forms of transit later in the day, relieved her of stress and ensured a smooth day.

J. recommends Evie Carshare for its time-saving convenience and personal joy, such as bulk-shopping at Costco. “I usually take orders for a couple of friends and do a big purchase and delivery trip,” she adds, highlighting the versatility and practicality of carsharing in her daily life. 

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