Meet the New Evies

2022 Nissan Leaf Plus Evie

We’re excited to share that we’re adding additional Evies to the fleet! Over 20 new Evies have been released into the wild, getting us further to our goal of over 170 vehicles.

Here’s what you need to know about the new Evies:

Nissan Leaf Plus:
Our new Evies will be comprised of 2022 Nissan Leaf Plus, providing over 210 miles of range, when on a full charge. Note: A pending delivery of non-Plus models is coming in the future. These will have a lower range of 149 miles, so if you’re going on a longer trip, make sure you have the right model.

No Keys:
Just like with our Chevrolet Bolts, Evies remain keyless. The Evie Carshare App and/or Metro Transit GoTo Card are your keys to start, pause, and end your trip. Remember to pause your trip during a stopover to lock the doors and keep the vehicle secure (on an HOURCAR trip? Do this too, even if you have the keys in your hands.)

These vehicles charge in the front of the car. Unlike the Bolts, you need to pop the charging door open via a button in the dash to expose the charging area. If you find a Leaf that is charging, make sure that the charging cord is removed and that the charging door is fully closed before putting the car into gear. As with all Evie trips, you’ll receive a $4 Drive Credit when you end your trip with the vehicle properly charging at a green EV Spot Charger.

Regenerative Braking:
Unlike the Chevy Bolts, to engage regenerative braking, you’ll gain the most power back by driving in the “B” gear and flipping the button for E-Pedal Assist. Similar to the “L” gear in the Chevy Bolt, this will turn current momentum back into energy and add to total available range. You can verify if E-Pedal Assist is on by looking at the dashboard.

Standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto:
To engage with this, bring your smartphone cord and plug in your smartphone to the USB port under the radio. Follow the prompts on your phone to activate the smartphone features. (When asked to sync your contacts, say NO, else everyone will have your best friends phone number). Otherwise, you can still connect via Bluetooth, however, we still encourage you to not sync your contacts.

Standard Driver-Assistance Features:
Emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blindspot monitoring, lane-keep assist/departure warning comes standard on all Nissan Leafs. Keep in mind these are just tools to help you on your journey, it’s still up to you to be a good driver and avoid crashes.

Emergency Brake:
The emergency brake is the first pedal located on the far left of the drivers compartment, near the brake and acceleration pedals. DO NOT use the emergency brake on flat land when you end your trip. ONLY use the emergency brake when needed, such as when parking on steep hills (remember to turn the steering wheel in the proper direction – to the left when uphill and to the right when downhill). This applies to all HOURCAR vehicles as well. Ending your trip with the brake on is often missed by the next member, causing unnecessary damage to the vehicle.