Minneapolis Declares Winter Parking Restrictions Effective 9 p.m. January 26, 2023

Minneapolis Winter Parking Restrictions

Update January 27, 2023: 
If an EV Spot Charger is on the ODD side of a street, the City of Minneapolis will move the no parking restriction to the other side of the street. When parking, look for no parking signs along the street sides. 


Original Post January 25, 2023:

To improve access for emergency vehicles, the City of Minneapolis has enacted Winter Parking Restrictions, beginning 9pm Thursday, January 26 and ending April 1 (unless the ban is lifted earlier).

Streets will be signed with temporary “No Parking” signs, and any vehicle (including Evie Carshare) will be ticketed and towed to keep the road clear for EMS vehicles.


Unless otherwise posted, you CAN park:

  • on the ODD side of the streets that are NOT Snow Emergency Routes
  • on BOTH sides of Snow Emergency Routes (when parking is allowed on both sides)
  • on BOTH sides of parkways (where parking is allowed)

Do NOT park:

  • on the EVEN side of streets that are NOT Snow Emergency Routes
  • where temporary “No Parking” signs are posted
  • in severe winters, temporary signs may restrict parking on other Snow Emergency Routes as needed

In the event of a Snow Emergency, the Winter Parking Restrictions are temporary lifted and parking returns to Snow Emergency Rules for Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 routes. Remember streets that have a green or brown sign are non-Snow Emergency routes. Streets with a blue street signs are Snow Emergency routes and can be parked on both sides (if the street normally allows parking on both sides).

Learn more and sign up for text alerts about the Winter Parking Restrictions at Minneapolismn.gov 

Further details from Jon Collins at MPR

Keep up to date with Evie at this post. 

The City of Saint Paul has not declared winter parking restrictions and parking will continue as normal unless further announced.