Saint Paul to Grow the EV Spot Network with the East Side Expansion Project

EV Spot Network East Side Expansion

Lisa Hiebert, APR
City of Saint Paul, Public Works Department
651-266-6129 (office) 612-850-0102 (cell)

SAINT PAUL, MN – Saint Paul plans to grow the EV Spot Network charging footprint with the installation of 10 additional public charging station locations on the East Side of Saint Paul. The East Side Expansion will install five new on-street electric vehicle charging stations, each offering 10 hub-based electric carshare vehicles, near five Gold Line stations and five other locations with exact locations to be determined based upon community input.

Beginning this summer, construction will start on the following five EV Spot Charging Gold Line stations:

  • Mounds Boulevard Station (3rd Street and Mounds Boulevard)
  • Earl Street Station (Earl Street and Hudson Road)
  • Etna Station (Etna Street and Wilson Avenue)
  • Hazel Street Station (Hazel Street and Hudson Road)
  • Sun Ray Transit Center (Pederson Street and Hudson Road)

Starting this summer Saint Paul will also be working to engage the community over the next two years to determine the locations where chargers will be best used and meet community needs for the additional five locations. Each EV Spot Charging station will include two dual-port level 2 chargers, with one charger dedicated to Evie Carshare and the other dedicated to public charging.

“It will be extremely valuable to work with the community to determine the ideal locations of the chargers to best meet the needs of the people and businesses in the area,” said Sean Kershaw, Director of Saint Paul Public Works. “Growing the EV Spot Network is exciting for everyone, providing more access to clean mobility options for residents on the East Side.” 

Community members will be able to share their feedback at both in-person and virtual workshops throughout the summer to design, implement and use the EV Spot Charging infrastructure and Evie Carshare Home Area expansion. For engagement activities and construction updates, visit the EV Spot Network East Side Expansion project page at www.stpaul.gov/EVEastSide.

For EV Spot Charging Gold Line station construction updates, visit www.stpaul.gov/EVGoldLine.

About the EV Spot Network

The EV Spot Network, brought forth by the City of Saint Paul, in partnership with Minneapolis, Xcel Energy, and HOURCAR, is America’s largest 100% renewably-powered, municipally-owned electric vehicle network. Launched in 2022, the EV Spot Network provides over 280 on-street electric vehicle EV Spot Charging spaces in addition to over 170 shared electric Evie Carshare vehicles. Focused on under-resourced communities, the EV Spot Network increases access to, and the use of, electric vehicles in diverse communities throughout Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota. For more information about the EV Spot Network, including a list of chargers and additional partners, visit www.stpaul.gov/EV. For expansion information, visit www.EVSpotNetwork.org.

This material is based upon work supported by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) under the Office of Vehicle Technologies Award Number DE-EE0010622.