Step-by-Step Guide: How to Charge Evie at an EV Spot Charger

Charging an Evie is easy.

We are excited to share that when you properly end your trip and leave your Evie charging, you’ll automatically receive a $4 Drive Credit, valid on any trips taken with Evie or HOURCAR 24 hours later. And charging is super easy! 

1) Park at a green EV Spot Charger. You’ll find active chargers on the Evie Carshare App as a green icon with a lightning bolt. 2) Park parallel to the space with the car in the right direction (do not park the car improperly, facing oncoming traffic.) Each EV Spot Charger has a 25-foot cord that will stretch across to the charging port. 3) Find a green EV Spot Charging card in the glovebox.4) Follow directions on the EV Spot Charging screen. You may need to wake it up by pressing a button below the screen. 5) Once the car is plugged in and charging, return the green EV Spot Charging card to its holder in the glovebox. You can verify the vehicle is charging by looking at the dashboard and by using the light guide found in the in-car Tips for Trips guide in the driver’s side door. 6) End your trip and be on your merry way! The $4 Drive Credit will automatically appear within 24 hours, meaning there is no need to reach out to us unless you don’t see the credit appear on your account. 

Come Upon a Plugged-in Evie That Shows It's Available?

That’s easy too! 

1) Reserve the vehicle like usual and select “Start Trip” on your app or with your GoTo Card. 

2) Once the doors unlock, remove the charging cable and return it to the EV Spot Charging station. Removing the cable before the doors unlock will prompt the car alarm to go off, leaving you to look extra cool. 

3) Hop in and enjoy your adventure. Make sure you have enough range to complete everything or be prepared to charge the Evie while running errands at a local green EV Spot Charger or other charging locations available in the Plugshare App