Meet Evie.

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for $1

• One-Time Registration ($25 value)
• One Free Month of Everyday PLUS Mobilty Subscription ($12 value)
• $25 Drive Credit

$61 Value. Offer valid for new applications only. Offer valid for a limited time. 

Join for just $1!

This includes:
•Registration Fee ($25 value)
•Three FREE months on Individual Mobility Plans ($36 value)
•$50 Drive Credit

$111 Value. Offer valid for new applications only. Hurry! Offer valid for a limited time. 

Meet Evie: renewably-powered, all-electric carshare for the Twin Cities. One-way trips by the minute, hour, or day. 

Evie Includes the Cost of:



Cost of charging included. Charge up yourself at a green EV Spot Charging space and receive a $4 Drive Credit, or if the charge drops to 25% or lower when you end your trip within the Home Area, our team will charge it up. 



Parking costs are included. End trips at City of Saint Paul and Minneapolis on-street city parking meters, residential parking permit areas, and Evie dedicated parking spaces at no additional cost. 



Insurance is included for all approved members. PLUS it up on your monthly membership plan to waive the at-fault $1,000 charge if you’re in a crash, plus get other benefits, too!

Mobility Plans

Get a month of Everyday Rates on us, and get PLUS perks too! Select Everyday PLUS you only pay when you drive. After that, stay on Everyday PLUS or upgrade to another plan and pay $0-12/month. (Sorry, promotions are not valid on Business Plans)

Everyday PLUS

Get a Month of Everyday Rates on Us, with PLUS Perks Included!
$ 0 Normally $12/Month
  • 22¢ / Minute or less
  • $10.66 / Hour or less
  • $91 / Day or less
  • 200 Miles / Trip / Day

PLUS Perks Included

PLUS up any paid monthly membership plan and get the below perks. PLUS is standard on “Access PLUS” plans, is available as an upgrade for “Student” and “Everyday” plans, and is not available on the “Try It” plan. 

Add PLUS to your plan and we’ll: 
•waive the $1,000 at-fault damage fee
•add 100 more miles per trip per day 
•remove admin fees for things like tickets

Discover in Communities Across St. Paul & Minneapolis

Evie Carshare Home Area

Join Today for Only $1!

Promo: DRIVE

• One-Time Registration Fee (Normally $25)

• One FREE month of discounted trips on Everyday PLUS. After that, pay $0-$12/mo based on your plan of choice. 

• $25 FREE Drive Credit to help you explore MSP in a whole new way (valid for 60 days)

• Apply today and get access to both Evie and HOURCAR services. 

• $10 Metro Transit GoTo Card upon request, unlocking Evie & HOURCAR vehicles while also getting you around town by bus, BRT, and LRT. 

$61 Value. Offer valid for new applications only. Offer valid for a limited time. All charges are subject to additional taxes/fees


Xcel Energy is a sponsor of Evie Community Carshare. Xcel Energy supports efforts to increase access to electric vehicles in underserved communities. Learn more about how Xcel Energy is helping customers drive electric.