Evie Carshare App Updates: V3.5

Evie Carshare App White Background

For our newest app update, we’ve made changes to how you can schedule your trip and view prices, making your in-app experience even better. Aside from fixing a few bugs and things like that, this new build features: 

Evie & HOURCAR Updates

Refer a Friend for only $1!

Tell a friend about Evie & HOURCAR and they’ll join for only $1. Plus they will get a $25 Drive Credit towards their first trip(s). Once they take a trip, you’ll get $25 Drive Credit, too! 

Unless otherwise stated, all Drive Credit is valid for 60 days and is automatically applied to trip costs until used or expired. Drive Credit cannot be used for taxes or other fees, and cannot be transferred to other accounts. 

Enhanced Walking Paths

When you reserve an Evie or HOURCAR and the key pops up to begin your trip, the app will automatically provide walking directions for you to get to your reserved car as efficiently as possible.  


Calendar View

Have you ever wanted to reserve a specific HOURCAR vehicle or use a particular hub, but it wasn’t available? Well, now you can use the Calendar View to check when that vehicle or hub is available to you and when it’s already been reserved. 

This can help you plan your future HOURCAR needs accordingly, giving you more flexibility and options than ever before. 

Simple Pricing Card

The new pricing page that is displayed while you’re booking shows you a total estimated price for the trip, rather than the price per minute/hour/day. The Simple Pricing Card helps you see right away the cost of taking an HOURCAR where you need to go. The pricing is based on the Try It plan, so if you’re on a paid membership plan, you’ll see a lower price at the end of your trip. 

HOURCAR trips are now calculated with the taxes included, instead of listing the rates by the minute, hour, and day. Remember that different cities have different tax rates, which is why you may see cars at slightly different estimated rates. Don’t forget that gasoline powered HOURCARs must be retuned with 1/4 tank of gasoline or more, and that electric HOURCARs must be charging at trip end. 

Evie pricing remains without tax included, as Evie trips are billed by the minute, with hourly and daily discounts. Due to Evie’s flexibility, trips costs cannot be estimated and therefore will not include taxes on trip costs. 

Trip Notes

Do you have an important client flying into town in three months, and it’s on you to pick them up at the airport?

You can now add trip notes when booking an HOURCAR. These notes are a great way to document why you’re making the reservation. They show up on the invoice upon trip completion, helping you track your trips with HOURCAR. 

NOTE: These are not available to the public and are not reviewed by the HOURCAR team. If you need to report an issue or need support, contact us via email or phone. You will still need to submit vehicle condition photos as before. 

Electric Vehicle Renaming

All electric HOURCAR vehicles will clearly state they are electric, increasing transparency for those booking a vehicle in a rush. In the past, this information was found in the vehicle note section, and we’re now putting this out there front and center as we expand hub-based electric vehicles in the HOURCAR service.