Meet Evie

Meet Evie

COMING SOON: an all-electric, free-floating carshare service with 150 shared vehicles making the air cleaner, the community closer, and the future even brighter. Built by the Twin Cities for the Twin Cities. 

Ride Easy, Drive Evie

Evie is simple. Walk to your closest car and drive. End your trip in the Home Area.

One-way trips by the minute, hour, or day. Find an Evie anywhere within the Home Area of 35 square miles within Minneapolis and Saint Paul.

Charging, Parking, & Insurance Included

Pay only for the time you use Evie. We take care of the rest.

Pay for only the time you use the car. One-way trips let you start your day in Dinkytown and end it in Frogtown. Leave the car at any authorized parking location and enjoy your day!

Evie will be charged on the EV Spot Network, 140 renewable-powered charging spaces across Saint Paul and Minneapolis. COMING SOON!

The Home Area

All trips begin and end in the Home Area, but can venture outside of it. 

Once you have your Evie, run your errands and bring it back within the borders. 

Park it in an approved spot and have a good rest of your day! 



Part of the EV Spot Network, Evie Carshare is America’s first 100% renewably powered all-electric carshare service.

Operated by HOURCAR, Evie serves communities in Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota.