Program Goals

Community Focused

Evie Community Carshare has aggressive equity targets to achieve within the communities in which we operate. Working together, our goal is to increase access to and the use of electric vehicles. 

Our aim is to make transportation in the Twin Cities more equitable and inclusive, guided by these aggressive equity targets.

Equity Targets

We aim to address environmental, social, and racial inequities in the transportation system. Within the transportation system, we aim to achieve change by providing electric carshare vehicles and related infrastructure through the following goals by 2026:


Total Use by BIPOC Members

To help achieve this goal, all new members are emailed a census along with their approval notification. From time to time, we also email members who haven’t completed the census for their data. 

Data received is held privately and is not shared publically. So if you receive an email to complete, please do so. 


Total Use by Very Low-Income Members

Very low-income members are defined by those who self-certify during their application process for meeting the Access PLUS certification requirements. Those who choose the Access PLUS plan but haven’t self-certified are asked to complete a form or are transferred off of the Access PLUS plan. 


Total Use by Very-Low BIPOC Members

This data is the combination of the other two goals. HOURCAR, operator of Evie Carshare, compiles data and releases it annually to the cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

Any/all private information provided in the census is private and is not shared. 

Current Statistics:

In order to achieve our 2026 Goals, which align with the City of Saint Paul and Minneapolis equity targets, our 2021 Census was submitted to 1,986 active members with a timeline from November 3-20, 2021 for completion. Of those submitted, 747 individual responses were recorded.

Current Utilization

Evie Carshare reports usage annually in accordance with the agreements with the City of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. 

Utilization is based on trip count and overall membership data that is provided during the application phase as well as through our Census. Completion of the Census is completely voluntary, unincentivized, and helps us better understand our utilization goals and equity targets. All information gathered in the Census is compiled for purposes like this report. Individual responses are not published or shared. 

Things to Know:

There’s a reason why we are doing what we are doing, and where we are doing it. Dive in and learn more: