Parking Basics

Start your trip in Dinkytown and end it in Frogtown: Evie is quick and great for one-way trips. 

When ending your trip, remember it must be in the Home Area and at:

•City meters with time limits 2 hours or greater. In Minneapolis, no parking at meters with a red band. In St Paul, no parking if the red band restriction is within the next 12 hours. Do not park if the meter is hooded. 

•Any parallel parking space on public streets, including “Residential Permit Required” zones.

•Do not park if there is a “Temporary No Parking Restriction” that begins within the next 24 hours. These include street sweeping, street closures for community events, etc.  

•Dedicated Evie Carshare parking only spaces, including green EV Spot Charging spaces.

Additional parking information is found inside each Evie on the driver-side door. 

On-Street Parking

Park at any on-street parallel parking space within the Home Area with a time limit of 2 hours or greater. This could be in front of your house, in front your favorite local eatery, or in front of a neighborhood boutique. If there is a no parking restriction effective in the next 24 hours, either permanent or temporary, do not park there, as the cost of ticket and tow will be charged to you. 

Parking in a RESIDENTIAL PERMIT REQUIRED area? We’ve got you covered. All Evie’s are approved to park in neighborhoods where permits are required, as long as it’s in the Home Area. 

Ask a Minnesotan and they’ll tell you we have two seasons: winter and road construction. Evies must follow the same rules other cars do and, therefore, are not exempt from temporary closures. If you see an Evie in trouble, let us know or move it yourself and get a $10 Drive Credit when you tell us about it. 

City Specific

Where parking is pretty similar in both cities, it’s important to know the difference between the two.

Dedicated Evie Parking Only

Some spaces are for Evie Carshare parking only, including EV Spot Charging locations and some off-street spaces. Get familiar with them here:

Request a Dedicated Space

We are always looking to partner up, and a dedicated parking space is a great first step. Dedicated parking can help reduce the amount of vehicles in your area, reduce air pollution, and help the environment.

If you’re a multi-unit dwelling or commercial property owner and want a dedicated parking space just for Evie, or if you’d like to request one in your area and know exactly where it should be, complete the form below. We can’t guarantee results, but we’ll try our hardest! 

*Dedicated spaces must be available 24/7/365 with no barriers to entry/exit, and must be within the current Evie Home Area.