GM Climate Fund Continues Support for Evie Carshare

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HOURCAR has been awarded funding through the General Motors Climate Fund for Evie Carshare, America’s only renewably-powered, municipally-owned, free-floating carshare service. As part of the EV Spot Network, Evie operates in communities across Saint Paul and Minneapolis with goals to bring increased access to, and the use of, electric vehicles while improving air quality.

“Climate change does not impact every community equally, and GM is helping to implement inclusive solutions that do not leave anyone behind. GM funds organizations that are meeting the urgency of the climate crisis with deepened engagement at the community level. In 2022, 42 percent of GM’s Climate Fund grants supported EV-related programs. This includes EV car share programs like Evie Carshare, community engagement and education, and adding infrastructure in hard-to-reach places like low-income apartment buildings”. – GM’s 2022 Corporate Giving Report

About the EV Spot Network:

The EV Spot Network launched May 13, 2022 at Saint Paul’s Union Depot in Lowertown, Saint Paul. The EV Spot Network will grow to provide over 70 EV Spot Charging locations in addition to over 170 Evie Carshare vehicles. The EV Spot Network was created by the City of Saint Paul, in partnership with Minneapolis, HOURCAR, and Xcel Energy. Service goals include:


Total Use by BIPOC Members

To help achieve this goal, all new members are emailed a census along with their approval notification. From time to time, we also email members who haven’t completed the census for their data. 

Data received is held privately and is not shared publically. So if you receive an email to complete, please do so. 


Total Use by Very Low-Income Members

Very low-income members are defined by those who self-certify during their application process for meeting the Access PLUS certification requirements. Those who choose the Access PLUS plan but haven’t self-certified are asked to complete a form or are transferred off of the Access PLUS plan. 


Total Use by Very-Low Income BIPOC Members

This data is the combination of the other two goals. HOURCAR, operator of Evie Carshare, compiles data and releases it annually to the cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

Any/all user-specific information provided in the census is private and is not shared. 


HOURCAR delivers affordable, accessible, and sustainable shared mobility services through its round-trip HOURCAR carshare service and as the operator of Evie Carshare. HOURCAR is a Twin Cities based nonprofit carshare organization, service Minnesotan communities since 2005.