Meet Alexis K: Multitasking Single Mother

Alexis K Early Electric Vehicle Adopter-02

Alexis K. joined HOURCAR while in college to help her access destinations not quickly or commonly accessible by public transportation. Shortly after college, Alexis purchased her own series of vehicles. However, her story after was all too familiar with many other Alexis’ vehicle-ownership story:
• expensive car payments
• high maintenance costs
• low dependability

“I went through 4-5 vehicles that broke down on me and I’m grateful that if my car broke down, I can rely on Evie to get where I need to go.”

Over the years, Alexis’ need for access to reliable transportation has only increased – she’s now a single mother of two autistic children. Managing her own schedule on top of her two kiddos isn’t an easy task, but she’s become quite the carshare extraordinaire. “… having access to an electric vehicle right away has definitely improved my ability to get to work or pick my children up from school and take them to their appointments. I definitely have enjoyed being a member of HOURCAR, and definitely love the Evie vehicles.”

So what does Alexis do in her spare time? Hitting up the nearest local movie theater with her Aunt to catch the latest “must-see” film or hitting up her nearby bingo hall for a small win or two. As a self-proclaimed “bingoholic”, having easy access to Evie and HOURCAR helps her get her essential needs completed while also providing ways to get out and have some much deserved “me time”.

Love gas shopping? Neither does Alexis: “I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about gas. I do not like stopping for gas. I’m grateful for electric vehicles because you’re saving fuel and all you have to do is charge it. It’s more convenient and that’s why I love driving Evie.”

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