Meet Barry G: Electric E-Pedal Expert

Meet Barry G Epedal Expert-02

Barry and his partner are always on the go: as a family of four living in a single-car household, if they aren’t managing pickups and drop-offs for their two kiddos, they divide and conquer with Evie Carshare.    

With everyone’s busy schedules, Evie gives Barry the freedom to get everywhere they need to go quickly and efficiently, especially when the kids extracurriculars are at the same time in opposite directions.  

Will Barry and his family ever need a second car? With access to Evie Carshare, Barry and his family no longer have the need. “We’re a single-car family of four and didn’t really need a second car for daily activity, only once or twice a month and Evie’s perfect.”   

Evie makes Barry “Feel happy that I’m not polluting our atmosphere while getting where I need to get to” 

First time driving Evie? Barry recommends the e-pedal: “Getting used to the e-pedal was odd, but once I got the hang of it, I really liked it.”  

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