Meet Mary Kate W: Multimodal Lifestyle Enthusiast

Mary Kate (Evie) Blog image

Mary Kate W. stumbled upon HOURCAR in 2021 during her time in graduate school. Living car-free, she relied on biking, public transit, and friends for rides, but the winter months posed transportation challenges. Discovering HOURCAR transformed her experience, providing the flexibility and freedom she needed. Mary Kate shares, “Having access to electric HOURCARs and Evies has given me a much-needed level of flexibility, and a sense of freedom and comfort.” 

Now, Mary Kate embraces all that the Twin Cities has to offer with access to electric vehicle carshare. She enjoys exploring different neighborhoods and visiting friends across St. Paul or taking a stroll in Uptown. One memorable instance where Evie came to her rescue was when she wanted to take her out-of-town friends to the Minnesota State Fair, and the buses weren’t running. Thankfully, Evie saved the day, ensuring her friends got to experience the fair. 

Mary Kate uses electric HOURCAR/Evie for various tasks, making it an essential part of her daily life in the Twin Cities. Whether it’s grocery shopping, attending appointments, or off-campus meetings, Evie fills the gaps in her ability to travel around the cities. 

HOURCAR and Evie have brought increased accessibility and flexibility to Mary Kate’s life. No longer does she need to coordinate her errands around others’ schedules or worry about missing a bus. Plus, Evie’s flexibility shines during special events like the Minnesota State Fair, providing dedicated event parking. 

Mary Kate appreciates the spontaneity of Evie Carshare, especially the ease of parking and the excitement of finding her reserved car. As a graduate student and carshare enthusiast, Mary Kate embodies the multimodal lifestyle, embracing the convenience and adventure that Evie brings to her daily travels. 

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