Meet Mia S: Thrifty Upcycler

Mia S (EVIE) Blog image

Mia S. embraces the enhanced mobility and independence she gains as an HOURCAR member, living car-free in Minneapolis. Introduced to HOURCAR by a fellow car-free friend, Mia appreciates the additional options it provides, particularly when public transportation isn’t ideal, such as during harsh weather, late nights, or long routes. 

“Having access to an Evie helps me feel more mobile and independent,” Mia emphasizes. 

During her first Evie trip, Mia experienced firsthand the convenience of combining sustainable activities by picking up an item from her local Buy Nothing group. Evie frequently aids her in her commute to and from work, especially when time is short or weather conditions are unfavorable. Recently, Evie proved essential in helping her complete a work errand during a snowstorm, transporting 7 dozen donuts to an event while keeping them dry. 

Since joining Evie, Mia finds it easier to navigate the city on her own terms, using it to commute, visit friends, run errands, and explore restaurants outside her neighborhood. 

“Having access to an Evie helps me feel more mobile and independent. It also gives me options when taking public transportation might not be ideal, like bad weather, late at night, long routes, etc.,” Mia explains. 

As a fellow Minnesotan, Mia values the simplicity of Evie Carshare, especially during challenging weather conditions. “I had to pick up 7 dozen donuts for a work event during a snowstorm. I could not have transported all of these donuts (let alone keep them dry) without Evie!” 

Mia recommends Evie Carshare and supports low-waste local economies, highlighting the opportunity to combine sustainable activities during her trips. “During my first Evie trip, I drove to pick something up from my local Buy Nothing Group. It was cool to combine two low-waste activities!” 

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