Student Plans


Add PLUS for $5 / Month
$ 6 Monthly Membership Fee
  • 18¢ / Minute
  • $9 / Hour
  • $66 / Day
  • 100 Mi / Day Included
    (+36¢ / Additional Mile)
  • $6 Monthly Membership Match-back Driving Credit
ID Required

Add PLUS for $5 / Month

Add PLUS to your plan and we’ll: 
•waive the $1,000 at-fault damage fee
•add 100 more miles per trip per day
•remove admin fees for things like tickets

Evie Works with HOURCAR

When you sign up with Evie, you also sign up with HOURCAR, giving you access to nearly 50 locations and a variety of round-trip vehicles across the Twin Cities and Rochester. 

Each plan has a partner, so the Student Plan with Evie automatically partners with the Student Plan at HOURCAR.  The rates are different between the two, so make sure to compare them to get the best plan for you. 

Evie trips are one-way and HOURCAR trips are round-trip. You can reserve an HOURCAR up to 6 months in advance, allowing you to reserve a Subaru for that trip up north, a Tacoma to help move across campus, or a Prius for a long weekend of errands. Evie is great for quick drives around town, errands to the grocery store, or one-ways trips to downtown.