Parking During Street Sweeping Season


There are those two amazing times of the year when the Twin Cities temporarily restrict on-street parking so sewers, storm drains, and general street upkeeping can take place. This includes not only your neighbors vehicles, but all Evies and HOURCARs too. Over the next few weeks, take note of restricted parking signs and remember that no Evie or HOURCAR vehicle can be parked in unauthorized parking spaces. Any Evie trip ended when there is a no parking restriction taking effect in the next 24 hours may result in a ticket and/or tow.


Did you save an Evie in danger of a ticket/tow? Get $10 Drive Credit when you relocate it!

Street Sweeping Season happens twice a year – Spring and Fall, in both Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Look for temporary No Parking signs posted in your neighborhood.
  2. If the restriction begins within the next 24 hours or less, find another place to park. This even includes if parking at an EV Spot Charger, as the streets need to be swept.
  3. Did you come across an Evie in danger of a ticket/tow? Get $10 Drive Credit when you take a photo, relocate the car to an approved space, and email us so we can credit you. (Trip costs aren’t refunded, but there is no limit on how many Evies you can save.)

If you want to plan ahead, you can see when your street is scheduled to be swept. You can even subscribe to notifications via text on each of the cities pages: